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    Executive Chef Dan Wiken holds the keys to the kingdom - literally and figuratively - and he is the reason Twisted Willow exists. He has an impressive array of experience under his chef’s hat, as his first taste of the culinary journey he is on began over 4 decades ago.

    He brought to Twisted Willow a background of forty plus years of executive chef experience, having held that position exclusively at The Packing House on Milwaukee’s south side until 2012.

Having first honed his culinary skills at Milwaukee Area Technical College, he also took classes from internationally known French Chef Julia Child, Chef Jacques Pepin and locally known food experts Jill Prescott and Sandy D’Amato. He has taught cooking classes at The Boelter Culinary Institute and hopes to line up some Cook-with-the-Chef experiences here at Twisted Willow very soon. 

    He won back-to-back Blue Ribbons for Best Recipe in The Beef Council Cook-off Competition at the Wisconsin State Fair, participated in The Milwaukee County Zoo’s annual Feast with the Beasts, and created exclusive menus for The Midwest Express Club, The Harley Davidson Corporation, many MLB and NBA teams and private jet companies. He has been called to cater for celebrities in both the political and entertainment worlds, including President Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and Elton John

    Well-renowned throughout the Milwaukee area, and now in Port Washington, he has a much deserved reputation for consistently serving excellent food, due in large part to his extreme dedication, hard-working mindset, and creative and innovative recipes. 

    Although he has to eke out time to spend on hobbies, he does enjoy biking, traveling and fishing with his Dad. He especially delights in the time he gets to spend with his 3 children, and shares a love of gardening with his Mom. His expertise growing heirloom vegetables at our restaurant’s namesake Twisted Willow Farm yields a rich foundation for the exciting recipes he is constantly crafting.

    Chef Dan has cultivated a lifelong passion for sharing his love of good food and takes pride and great pleasure bringing his culinary creations to his Twisted Willow guests. He is happy you are here and hopes your dining experience exceeds your expectations!


Cj loves working at Twisted Willow because of the closeness of the staff and the family based atmosphere. He likes being able to experiment and create dishes and research ideas to incorporate into his everyday life. Cj enjoys getting to use new ingredients such as the mushrooms we had specially brought in from Europe for our Mushroom Dinner. When Cj isn’t at Twisted Willow he enjoys going out for dinner to broaden his food knowledge. His favorites are tapas and perogies.


Mike is a cook by trade, starting to cook at a vintage café in Cedarburg almost six years ago. Mike loves working in the Twisted Willow kitchen for the comradery, culture, and tight-knit family crew. He enjoys using the fresh produce from the Twisted Willow farm. He uses knowledge he’s learned while at Twisted Willow while cooking dishes at home, especially fish and pork dishes. When not at Twisted Willow Mike enjoys Friends & Family Game Nights including Dungeons and Dragons and Oregon Trail, but no LARPing! 

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